Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Kent Hovind - the stupid is strong in this one....

(See this for the prequel.) I was just reading Kent Hovind's blog (http://www.cseblogs.com/) and I have to say that this man is certifiably insane. Here are some samples....

"I finally got a pillow after only eight days and requests! I am about ready for a new pair of socks next!" Oh, the humanity!

"Being here gives me a much better appreciation for many Bible characters who suffered for doing right." Suffered doing right? There have many people who have suffered doing right, and not all of them theists. But you, Hovind, are rightly in prison for what you did. You defrauded the people of America. How dare you compare yourself to those that sacrificed for their beliefs? He continues to compare himself to other biblical sufferers, this time to Paul: "When I compare my time in jail to the Apostle Paul's time, I am forced to realize that I have so much for which to be thankful." Yeah, not having a pillow for a few nights will do that. This man is either a snake oil salesman or a delusional schizophrenic. The gall of this guy!

He asks (rhetorically) "Why Did God Allow This?" Paraphrase: "Oh, why hast thou foresaken me, Lord?" He has all kinds of possibilities (19 in total), as if he knows what god's plans for him are. I'll give a better answer: god wasn't happy with the immoral behavior and is going to let you rot. Almost makes one think that gods don't exist.... One of his best 'reasons'? "To make me more like Jesus, the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief." So now he's like Jesus? Medication may be necessary.

Another: "To allow God to see how fellow Christians react. He is gathering evidence for their day of reckoning. The same is true for me." How should Xians react? They should shun him as the charlatan he is. But what I think he's implying is that god won't like it much if you turn away from him. The contempt I hold for this 'man' is beyond measure.

Right after he tells us, "I have not been beaten. I have hot and cold water. I have three meals a day. I have clean clothes two times each week. I have climate controlled and sanitary conditions. I have a sink and toilet." etc., He then claims to have it rough in yet another of the reasons god allowed his imprisonment: "To give me a better appreciation for our veterans who slept in swamps and other squalid conditions for my freedom." What a sack o' shit this man is.

He has an interesting take on the penal system: "To let me see why God's law, which is perfect, converting the soul, authorizes: beatings, four times restitution, and execution for crimes, but never imprisonment.... This system costs everyone in many ways, and does little good and much harm." No revolving door here. He'd rather see them dead or suffer barbaric sentences. Whatever happened to 'thou shalt not kill'?

So what was the real purpose behind this? "Many of you have called or written to ask if you can write letters on our behalf. We have learned that you can do this. Letters can be sent to CSE, who will give them all to the attorneys." Shuh-wing! What? You thought this was altruistic exercise or an apology? HA! This is nothing more than a way to entice people to write letters, from people who don't even know him, to speak on his behalf! As if any of these people will have any standing in the court's eyes whatsoever.

The plain truth of the matter is that Hovind willfully and knowingly comitted a serious crime. He feels that he doesn't have to pay his taxes- the Leona Helmsley of religion.

If nothing else (and I mean nothing else), this putz is a good source of material for my blogs.

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