Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Damn. Now why didn't I think of this?

I was watching the news this morning and saw that some enterprising Canuck has come up with a new invention for those pesky Tim Horton's 'Roll up the rim' cups. For those not familiar with (or worse, not blessed with a local franchise of) Tim Horton's, this is a rather successful Canadian coffee/donut place (which has since expanded to include lunch menu items) and is now owned by Wendy's international division. Tim Horton's is even responsible for the term "double-double" (two creams, two sugars) which appears as an entry in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. The coffee is good. (Starbucks sucks!)

Anyway, Tim Horton's periodically has a contest whereby you look under the rolled rim of the paper cup to see if you have won a prize. This contest has become hugely popular, to the point where problems with littering and even a lawsuit over who should get the prize after someone threw away a vehicle-winning cup that was picked up by someone else (which I'm sure did nothing to hurt their sales).

The problem with this contest is that the rims of the cups are difficult to roll up. People break nails and Tim Horton's has asked that people (like me) not use their teeth to find out if they have won. (Damned if I didn't lose again this morning.) So this inventor has come up with a device that slips over the rim and when you pull on it automatically rolls the rim of the cup up. For $2 a pop, and the likelihood of the contest's continuing reappearance for years to come, will likely make this guy a lot of dough.


2 comments: said...

I'm looking forward to getting one of these. This year was a bad one for me, only winning two items out of all my chances! Fortunately, I won the big one: A FREE COFFEE. Wahoo! The only thing better than a coffee is a free coffee.

By the way, someone showed me a great way to roll up the rim. Once the coffee is empty, flatten the cup (no like a pop can, the other way). Then use your thumbs and it won't be a problem. Until you get your rim roller, it's worthwhile trying - especially if you lose your rim roller a week later.


Shamelessly Atheist said...

I didn't even win that much in the last round. I do want to find one of those things tho. I have to find a source out here in Alberta.